Postcard Swapping!

So a lovely lady on Folksy called MagicAlice arranged for anyone interested to be part of a postcard swap. It seemed like a very cool idea, especially since I had just recently started making postcards for selling in my shop and at craft fairs. I thought it would be pretty interesting to see what I might get from whoever gets my address.

It turns out it wasn’t just interesting but totally amazing as the card I got was so great! It was colourful, had loads of effort put into it and was just lovely. Check it out:

This is just so cool.

This is just so cool.

It was made by the lovely KittyNoir who’s shop is here. I think she deserves your money, so please buy things from her. And then buy something from me as well! =D

Anyway, just thought I would share that.

Good day to you all.



3 Responses to “Postcard Swapping!”

  1. KittyNoir Says:

    Hey Joe, Thanks for blogging about the card! So glad you like it, I was excited but nervous about the card swap but the card seems to have brightened your day as I wished it would! Oh and thanks for the shop plug 😉 Hope all is going well on the wedding planning front! Love Kitty xXx

  2. MagicAlice Says:

    This is a truely awesome card!

  3. theothermousie Says:

    Wow – that is an amazing card – that Kitty is sooooo talented! How lucky you are.

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