Handm@de Winchester

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we had a lovely time at the Winchester Handm@de craft fair which was really brilliant. Great organisation, great branding, great promotion, great people and great stuff. So all in all it was rather good. =)

Check out the stall (Jenny’s side looks way better – I need to work on mine a bit)

Jenny's side

Jenny's side

My side

My side

My main surprise is that I sold loads of circuitry sculptures. I took them along just thinking that they’d add it bit of colour and variety to my side of our stall (if you’ve been following you’ll know that I share a stall with my beautiful wife Jenny at Junky Chicken). Turns out they were super popular! I sold the tiny electric guitar for £15 within minutes of the fair opening which was a good start. Obviously though that means I need to try and make another one of those somehow! Anyway, basically I then went on to sell 3 more sculptures for anything from £8 to £12. So that’s very cool.

So with my new confidence in my little sculptures I’m going to post the remaining few on Folksy tonight or tomorrow.  Here’s some pictures as a little preview as a gift for you coming and reading my blog.



"Electric Bill"

"Electric Bill"

So there you are. Tomorrow I’ll blog about some of the wonderful things I bought while I was there from some of you lovely crafters.

Good day to you all,



2 Responses to “Handm@de Winchester”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Lovely to meet you both, and really liked the stall.

  2. theothermousie Says:

    Great pics – the stall looks sooo cool! Congrats to you & Jenny too – loved looking at the amazing pics that Dan posted on the forums – awwwww makes me go all gooey inside!!

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