Things I bought at Winchester Handm@de

Hello again everyone (whoever you are),

My last post showed you what it was like as an exhibitor at Winchester Handm@de. So in this post I will try and show you some of the cool stuff that I bought as a customer at some of the other stalls. There was so much great stuff at the fair it was *very* tempting wherever I went. But I don’t have much money!! So I had to ration my spending, and this is what I ended up leaving with.

So firstly I bought a cool scrap paper notebook from Ruth at RHEdesigns. It’s made from loads of off-cuts of paper and card pieced together to create a cool scrap book. It’s on the left hand side below (sorry there’s no better photos but trust me it’s totally cool).

Lots of lovely goodies see?

Lots of lovely goodies see?

Next I bought what’s in the middle which is a kitchen tile (supposedly it was a ‘practice’ one before the real ones will be made but it’s beautiful so that seems like madness. This tile is going to be put into the kitchen of the cob house Jenny and I are planning on building in the near future. It was made by the lovely Julia Davey who makes the most wonderful things and has a very cool stamp that she uses on bags and things.

Isn't it cool?

Isn't it cool?

So then I bought an amazing sketch book from Linn Photography. She takes the most amazing photos, which are just the sort of photos I love. I had a really hard time choosing which book to buy as they each had the most wonderful photo on the front. I eventually chose the one you see at the back of the picture above. The book is made from recycled paper and card and I had just said to Jenny that I wanted to get a relatively small recycled sketchbook type-thing. So this was just perfect. So thank you Linn Photography. (Everyone go buy stuff!)

And finally we met a really cool girl doing awesome upcycled, pre-loved bits and pieces which are all very awesome indeed. Her stall/shop/company name is Hearts and Skulls and her name is Nicole. She also has a blog here.  She uses old comics and bottle caps to make gift tags, makes cool picture frames covered with comic book print and coasters out of old kids books. It was all very good and seeing as we had similar passions (recycling and upcycling) and it was all such great work I had to buy something. So I got Jenny and me some cool coasters which are at the front of this photo.

Aren't they pretty?

Aren't they pretty?

Anyway, so I clearly did very well finding lots of cool stuff. I’m so glad I did as each thing is such a good find and I love them all. Thank you very much you guys, hope you do well in the future.

Right so that’s me done for now.

Goodnight and good luck!





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