Our stall at the garden opening

Hello again you lovely sootballs,

I’m blogging today to tell you about the wonderful day we had at my Gran’s house in Sussex. It’s a beautiful big country house (where we recently had our wedding reception) and she opens up the garden as part of the National Garden Scheme. Her garden is probably the most popular and biggest garden in the whole of Sussex in terms of the scheme and so a lot of people come along.

This is just a small part of the crazy garden!

This is just a small part of the crazy garden!

The first day was very wet and so there was only 81 people through the gates. We made a bit of money but were hoping for more people the next day. We weren’t disappointed as it seemed everyone who had planned on coming on the Friday came on the Saturday. 371 people. 166 Scones and cream teas served. All the sponge cake gone I tells ya!

So we ended up having a successful weekend and we were very pleased. We’ll be back in August and we’ve been offered a better position on the way into the garden which could mean we have an even more successful time. The stall looked great and should look even better in August. Here’s some photos of the stall for your enjoyment:

Jenny's side is the prettiest

We've managed to get lots of height on our stall now.

Jenny's side was the prettiest

Jenny's side was the prettiest (and her front, back and other side too)

Anyway, that’s me done.

Hope to see you soon,

Have a nice night/day!

Love Joe.


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2 Responses to “Our stall at the garden opening”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Wow, your Gran’s garden looks fab. And the stall looks great too!

  2. SophieCat Says:

    What a lovely idea to open your Gran’s garden to visitors. The stall looks really good

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