Special 50th birthday card design

Hello everyone,

I’m still managing to blog occasionally so I do hope you’re checking back periodically.

Today I’m here to show you the bespoke card design I made to send to my Auntie Diana for her 50th birthday.  I played around with some ideas and eventually found one I liked and this was it:

The cost of candles has gone up

In the next few days (if I can figure out how to do polls on here) I want to post some new ideas I’ve had and get you people to rate them out of 5 or 10 or somesuch. I’ve drawn a few cat themed drawings that I imagine will be popular with people who love/hate cats.

You will soon see.

But for now, I’m done. Hope you like the drawing above.

Happy vibes and creambun pies,



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One Response to “Special 50th birthday card design”

  1. SophieCat Says:

    The poll’s a great idea Joe, looking forward to seeing the cat drawings too

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