A card for my brother’s birthday

Hello again everyone!

Today I was stung by a wasp and it hurt so much it is madness. Just thought I’d share that as it’s still hurting now and it happened just before lunch (it’s midnight now)!

I thought, seeing as I haven’t even started sorting out the cat drawings at all, that I’d do a different post first. My brother is going to be 30 in a few days (on the 16th) and so I thought I should think of an idea just for him. It’s a big birthday and it needed some attention put into it so I got to work. He’s a computer game tester and general avid gamer so I was thinking along those lines initially.

I drew a few rough ideas and played around with some stuff, but to be honest it was only the second or third idea I had that I realised was a very good one.

The rough scanned in sheet

The rough scanned in sheet

So I got to work drawing a few different versions of it (this was originally at the garden opening so I had to pay attention for customers at the same time) and eventually I had some relatively good ones. So I scanned them in so I could make them a bit neater and turn them into a respectable card, and thus his card was born. See the final design below:

I turned out rather well I think

I turned out rather well I think

Hopefully he’ll appreciate the time spent, as it must have taken a good 3 hours work in the end. And it’s rather amusing I thought. I even looked up pictures of the NES and Playstation to make sure they were drawn accurately (to a degree).

Anyway, love to hear what people think.

Good day,



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2 Responses to “A card for my brother’s birthday”

  1. Louise Says:

    love this card. Are you going to list them on folksy? it would be perfect for my other half although hes not 30 (he wishes!). Hes just bought himself an x box!!

  2. Louise Says:

    Just thought – can u email me if u list them on folksy please and i’ll buy one (would need to say 39 years experience tho!). I’m Sew Scrumptious on folksy. ta x

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