Magnet Stocktake

Hello all you lovelies,

So I still haven’t finished (nor have I barely started) tidying up the cat drawings for you to vote on (I know – I’m quite crap) and so I’ve decided to post about doing a stock take on my magnets.

Now let me explain firstly that I have a lot of magnet designs. I’m trying to whittle them down to the very best, but so far that’s still about 40 different designs still in stock. Anyway, the main problem with this is that it’s quite difficult to replenish stock at craft fairs when there’s so many magnets.

So I decided to alphabetise them all. Good god.

So many magnets

So many magnets

The pictures I’ve got in the post are just all the magnets laid out on the carpet, in no particular order. It took up a lot of floor space and I had to leave gaps for Jenny’s feet in case she wanted to go past.

You can see why I took a picture...

You can see why I took a picture...

So I gradually picked them up one-by-one using my stock sheet (sheets in fact) to make sure I didn’t miss any and get them all into an a-z pile.

I didn’t take a photo of the result (cos’ I’m clearly an idiot) so just imagine a pile of these magnets about as high as 5 or 6 packs of playing cards.

Next post, I hope to find something a little more interesting to blog about. Will I succeed? You’ll have to come back and see.

Good day to you my friend (or aquiantance),



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One Response to “Magnet Stocktake”

  1. SophieCat Says:

    It looks like you’ve been busy Joe. Still looking forward to seeing the cat drawings!

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