Cat Drawings Poll

It’s been a long time coming but now finally the day has arrived! I have finished tidying up some of the cat drawings and so today is the first of a few polls to see what you think and see which ones I should perhaps sell. This is the first time I’ve ever done a poll on here so hopefully it’ll work out ok. =)

So here are the first two drawings. These aren’t for cat lovers really, they’re just themed around cats. They both have the same title, and that is why I need you to vote, as really I’d prefer only one to survive. I have my favourite, which one is yours?

Curiosity killed the cat (dog version)

Or alternatively:

curiosity killed the cat (tonne version)

So below there’s a poll (in theory) so you can tell me what you think. Please vote and get lots of other people you know to come here and vote too.

Thanks for reading, hope life is treating you all well.

Good Day,



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One Response to “Cat Drawings Poll”

  1. SophieCat Says:

    I’ve voted Joe, are the drawings to be used as cards?
    take care

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