My First Ever Competition: Name that sculpture

Hello all my lovely followers.

Hope things are going well with all of you.

I have a favour to ask of you all. I need your help. I have made a new circuitry sculpture and he (or she –  but I think it’s a he) needs a name. Whoever can come up with the best idea will win a magnet of their choice posted to them for free and will be featured on this here blog. So, get to work! Below are pictures and some guidance on the sort of thing I’m looking for.

He's a cutie isn't he?

He's a cutie isn't he?

It has to be relatively clever, and relate somehow to the fact he’s made out of circuitry scraps. Most of the sculptures are named with a pun or play on words so see what you can think of along those lines.

I need a different perspective you see.

I need a different perspective you see.

It can also relate more specifically to the particular bits he’s made out of if you like. The ‘wings’ are made of parts of a floppy disc. His body is made out of the main circuit inside a mobile phone (although no one will realise this from looking so it’s best to avoid using this as a starting point). Really I don’t know the names of any of the other parts so I can’t help you in that regard. Hmm…

From above in case it helps

From above in case it helps

The only other thing I had a thought about just now is that he’s kind of doing tiny jazz hands, so if anyone can think of a way of playing on that with something circuitry related then that would be awesome.

Basically though just be clever and creative and see what comes out of your brains! I’m excited to hear your ideas so please post them in the comments below. You could quite easily win so do it now!

I will announce the winner when I see fit! (You’ll just have to pay attention =P)

Good day to you all,



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5 Responses to “My First Ever Competition: Name that sculpture”

  1. whoatemycrayons Says:

    For some reason I keep thinking bat and Elvis so my suggestion is Batvis. 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    I think you should call him Mambo No.5… Number 5 after the name of the robot from the film Short Circuit (see what I did there hmmm) and mambo for the jazz hands 🙂

  3. thesockgarden Says:

    Hey – he’s a cool little dude! I’d go for Sir Kit LaMarr (Sir Kit = circuit; LaMarr because he’s got a quiff like Mark LaMarr!)

  4. AnnabellaDesigns Says:

    I will go with Top circuit for this cute little sculpture

  5. elsie Says:

    His name is Chip de Isco. Chip from micro chip and de Isco(disco) for his dancing pose 🙂

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