And the winner is!

Hello there everyone!

So today is the day! That’s right, the competition that I should really have announced the results of days ago is going to be announced today. Not just today but right this very moment.

But it's ok, today is the day!

But it's ok, today is the day!

There was a good few entries I must say, which was wonderful to see. Thanks so much for everyone who entered! I loved all the ideas but in the end it came down to just two of you.

The winner of the ‘My First Competition Ever’ Competition is…


Shaz from The Sock Garden! <trumpets play something fanciful>

I’m very pleased it’s Shaz as I love the work she does and it’s cool to have a reason to randomly promote her awesome creations. Her folksy shop is here if you like her work and want to buy something. =)

Her idea was ‘Sir Kit LaMarr’ and I think it’s very cool indeed and totally suited to him. Also it’s very clever and makes perfect sense. So it’s exactly what I wanted. Sir Kit is rather pleased with it too:

Look at his little smile. So happy with his new name!

Look at his little smile. So happy with his new name!

So anyway, if you can get in touch Shaz we can discuss which magnet you want. I’m in the course of re-stocking my Folksy shop so we’ll have to figure out a way of giving you a bit more choice. Soon enough though your prize will be on it’s way to you!

More competitions will follow I’m sure, keep an ear to the ground and your eyes on this blog. Perhaps put it on your RSS thingy?

Love to you all,



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One Response to “And the winner is!”

  1. thesockgarden Says:

    WOWZERS!!! How exciting – and thanks for such a great write-up! I’ve just added your blog as a link on TheSockGarden so I (and others of course) can pop back easily!
    Glad you liked the name – I was quite pleased with it too!
    I’ll drop you an email via Folksy.
    Shaz. x

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