I joined twitter and forgot to tell anyone!

He loves it.

He loves it.

This post is really self explanatory, the title says it all to be honest! You may even have already figured this out if you’ve been to this blog recently as I’ve added a lovely little widget on the right –> that shows you my most recent ‘tweets’ (I believe that’s what you call them…)

I think you should all go and start following me. I promise that I will keep it interesting and will never ‘tweet’ anything pointless. It’ll keep you updated on new blog posts, beautiful or amazing videos I come across, quotes and interesting thoughts (can you make bread from seaweed?) – all sorts of stuff.

I’ll make it worth your while, don’t you worry! =D

So far it’s just close friends and complete strangers following me, so I’d like some loose aquantainces please!

See you in the trees (<— here I’m playing on the title of ‘twitter’ and the fact that tradtionally birds are the ones who twitter and they live in trees. You see? It’s very amusing once it’s explained. =p)

Good day!


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One Response to “I joined twitter and forgot to tell anyone!”

  1. shaz from oddsox @ folksy Says:

    I’m an ol’ flower… I mean (puzzle) a follower!

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