A new background for my photos…

Jenny had a wondeful idea. I’ve always been a bit disappointed that my shop and products on Folksy always seem so boring compared to everyone elses bright, colourful stuff. That is the drawback of making things that are just black and white.

I could be lying for all you know. It could be grey or even pink!

I could be lying for all you know. It could be grey or even pink!

So the beautiful brain that is now my wife, came up with a very cool idea indeed. She said to me (and I’m paraphrasing here completely) “Perhaps you should make an interesting background for your photos. Then your shop would have a lot more colour like you want and it might make your cards look even cooler.”

We discussed it and it was decided that it didn’t want to be too colourful, but something interesting and something along the recycled theme that runs through all our work. Magazines were mentioned, but we decided they’d be too busy and too colourful to be a good background.

Then we rememebered the magnet display board I’d made in order to (you guessed it) display magnets at craft fairs.

It's very good isn't it?

It's very good isn't it?

This was done with old book pages from a copy of the ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’, which is part of the astoundingly brilliant Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series of books. It’s missing chapter 3 or something you see (which is quite strange and ridiculous I know) and so I was able to use it without any guilt of wasting a perfectly good book.

It’s such an old book that the pages are browning so it’s got a really beautiful quality to it. It’s got a bit of colour but it’s also quite subdued and most importantly, it’s totally recycled!

So I got to work making the background sheet. I had a pva paste, pritt stick and a sheet of A3 paper. This process was not documented, so I’ve mocked these up to aid your imagination:backgroundmockup5backgroundmockup6backgroundmockup1backgroundmockup3

And so after an hour or so of efforts, eventually I had created a wonderful new background!

Isn't it just beautiful!?

Isn't it just beautiful!?

Now my shop looks just that little more interesting and inviting (at least I think it does, do you?). =D

Come and see it now! (And bring your piggy banks!)

See you again soon,



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2 Responses to “A new background for my photos…”

  1. SophieCat Says:

    Love the action shots Joe & it’s nice to see one of Jenny’s chickens in the photo too

  2. SpoiltPig Jewellery Says:

    Ahahaha. “I think you got it Joe…..JOE? I THINK YOU GOT IT!~ step away from the paper.”

    Definitely livens up the shop page, ace.

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