The most amazing houses!

Hello there my pretties!
Today I’ve decided to take a break from talking about myself all the time, and talk about some people far more talented who have amazed me (in mind-boggling proportions) and who’s work I absolutely love. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Alison and Brian of Elventree!

Look at all this genius in one place. This is almost dangerous...

Elventree is made up of Alison Barry and Brian Main, two people with very different skills that have joined forces to create some kind of genius art godhead. I found them via their Folksy shop, but they’ve also just completed a rather nice website to display their collective awesome.

This is one of my favourites

Their fairy houses are crafted from tree trunks and branches found washed up along their local riversides, which is a big reason I like them so much.

Each house takes on it’s own character, depending on the size and shape of the driftwood it comes from and vary from 20cm-50cm tall.

The trees are given a new life; they are carefully hollowed out, and are given roofs, doors and fitted with colourful stained glass windows (that they make themselves) which are illuminated from within by 1watt LED’s. So they use tiny amounts of power which is good news for us and the planet. =)

Another beautiful one (they all are!)

Another beautiful one (they all are!)

The level of detail on these houses is really quite astounding and I advise all of you to go and read more about how they are made on their website.

Obviously I will be buying one of these at some point, as if I didn’t I’d never forgive myself. But I am going to have to save up for a bit I think. It’s going to fit perfectly in the beautiful cob house we’re planning on building, so that’s good. =)

So enjoy their website and thanks for coming, it was nice seeing you.

Speak soon,



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3 Responses to “The most amazing houses!”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    oh wow, these are amazing! If I wasn’t an absolute pauper, I’d have a hundred of those 🙂

  2. SophieCat Says:

    They are amazing and I must admit to not seeing them before despite them being on Folksy

  3. Alison Says:

    Thanks Joe, you’re a shining star xxx

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