Autumn has indeed arrived!

Good day everyone!

To celebrate the beauty of autumn I thought I should share this drawing I did last year:

Yes, do.


This wonderfully genius idea was actually my amazing wife Jenny’s, so some credit should go in her general direction please. But of course I drew it, so credit this way too. =P

Anyway, other than that, today I thought I should look on Folksy for some Autumny things that I like and that I could share with you. Let me see what I can find. *goes and searches ‘leaves‘*

Ok firstly this beautiful bracelet by MysticDNA (who’s name I’ve always liked) which features 4 beautiful handcarved leaves. They are each made of a different type of wood and are made from offcuts of walking sticks. So that makes them especially cool as they are recycled.

Amazing leaves

The next artist I’d never come across before and I love what she makes. I’ve just been on her blog and it’s full of all kinds of genius so it’s all very exciting. This piece is called ‘Orange Leaves’ and it’s by Gemma Austen at Gemma Austen Art.

So clever, go and buy her work! But save me some!

So clever. Go and buy her work! But save me some!

And finally, these very cool decals by Sally Boyle Applied Graphics which you can put on your walls and they’ll come off without leaving any marks or anything. The designs are great and anything to make a room more interesting and colourful I’m a fan of. This is her ‘Birdhouse’ decal set:

Very cool indeed.

Very cool indeed.

So there you go, I do hope you’ve enjoyed my finds. I had a good time finding them so thank you all for giving me a good excuse to spend the time doing so.

I’ve got all sorts of ideas for blog posts I’m very excited! We just did a wood furniture building course so I’ll show you some photos from that soon. But for now, that is all.

Thanks for coming, speak to you all again soon.

Happy pies,



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One Response to “Autumn has indeed arrived!”

  1. MochiPan Says:

    OK.. I’m inspired, I’m off to blog about stuff I love off folksy too….

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