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Hey everyone!

That’s right, it’s another blog post! Who woulda thunkit?! Today I will be sharing with you my first interview with another artist who I think is amazing. Depending on my mood, I may do more of these sporadically. For now though, enjoy. =)

I recently came across this artist a month or so ago via a bit of a chain. Someone tweeted an article about hand drawn websites and her’s was one of two absolutely beautiful one’s that really blew me away. She makes some absolutely beautiful pieces and I wanted to share her work with you. I got in touch with her a few weeks back and she agreed to answer some questions. So I present to you, Mel Kadel:

What first inspired you to do art?
I don’t think of what inspired me to start doing art, but just that I
kept doing it. I think all kids make art, but at some point or some age many of us stop drawing. I felt a great deal of challenge with drawing and felt a sense of accomplishment when something worked, so i kept on doing it.

How long have you been doing it?
High School is when I began to become very focussed on it. I had a really influential art teacher. She was unlike any other teacher or adult I had ever met. She would talk to us, tell stories, challenge us, and really expected
a lot out of us. I’d walk into her room and feel inspired, unlike some other classrooms I’d walk into at that age.

What is your workspace like?
I would say it’s pretty organized. I like to keep a clean desk, and just have the inks and pens around me. It’s a room attached to our kitchen. My boyfriend Travis Millard works in the room next to me. He’s an artist too, so we spend a lot of time looking over each other’s shoulders and giving feedback. It’s a small place, but we just fill it with desks and make it work.

What’s the most challenging art-related thing you’ve ever done?
I think talking about my work in front of an audience is probably the
most difficult. Although it’s only happened a couple of times, my stomach still sinks with the thought of it. Even if there is a lot of clarity about it in my mind, talking about it can be tough.

What’s the most exciting art-related thing that’s ever happened to you?
Selling work to people that aren’t collectors. In particular, I remember this retired school teacher who bought a piece a few years ago. She told me that she had never bought a piece of art in her whole life. That made me feel so so good, because she didn’t add up the value of the work within the art world, but got it because she loved it and it made sense to her. That, and Ian MacKaye came to a show that Travis and I had together.

Who are any other artists who you admire?
Travis Millard, Swoon, Raymond Pettibon, Aurel Schmidt, Allison Schulnik, Cy Twombly, and so many more. These are just the first few names to pop in my head.

If you were an animal, what animal what you be?
A squirrel

What do you do when you’re not doing your art?
Build fires, sweep the porch, cook, walk, look for my cat, look for sticks to build the fires, make coffee, stain paper, and stuff like that.

Are there any blogs or websites you’d recommend people check out?
Here are a few sites I enjoy:

and finally,

What’s your favourite sound, sight and smell?

Rain, Water, Basil.


I must say she is very cool indeed and I’d highly recommend having a look through the drawings on her site. They are all amazingly beautiful and dramatic as you’ve seen in the few I’ve featured in this post, but there’s many more. She is based in the U.S.A so you won’t be seeing her at any UK craft fairs or anything, but you can buy various works by her in many places online. There’s loads on her ‘News‘ page on her site, like this and this.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, stay tuned for all kinds of other awesome.

Good day,

Joe x


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  1. thesockgarden Says:

    Great questions, great answers, beautiful art… off to investigate. Thanks Joe. x

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