I’ve been wondering what other ways I could sell my drawings while still using recycled materials and I have recently discovered a new one. The title sort of gives it away, so I won’t mess about. I’m talking about keyrings!


I had the idea a little while back and had spent a fair amount of time searching for a company offering recycled keyring cases. I recently came across who’ve got a few choices for recycled keyring cases, but usually specialise in promotional stuff for big companies. This means I have to buy in bulk which makes this whole idea a bit of an investment for me. So I need help.

Are they a bad idea?

I thought the best place to start with pondering this idea and it’s saleability is right here on my blog. I figured you could all perhaps help me and tell me what you think?

It looks very professional I think...

I don’t yet know what I’d charge for them, I’ve not done that sort of research just yet but I know that it’d cost me about £85 for 250 empty cases. I then have to fill each of them myself which will involve a bit of work. So what are your thoughts? Would you like a drawing of mine in keyring form? Or do you think other people would at least? Vote below!


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4 Responses to “Keyrings!?”

  1. pennydog Says:

    What I’ve done before when forced to buy in bulk (specifically ring blanks in my case) is to sell on some of them as supplies to make a bit of money back- so you could buy them and then keep half for yourself and sell the other half in sets of 5 as supplies on Folksy/eBay. For a little more individually than you paid for them of course!

  2. Alix Says:

    I have voted but I am commenting too!

    I love the ideas of keyrings and have thought of doing them myself.

    Also if you have to buy in bulk then don’t forget that you can sell any blanks you think you cannot use.

  3. Widget Sockbunny Says:

    I know you can get them cheaper than that – i’ll find a link for you. back soon.

  4. Widget Sockbunny Says:

    Bummer – no – I was wrong. Sorry! I’ve voted too.

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