Other words for wife…

Hello people,

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Today I want to speak to you about words. You see I don’t like to refer to Jenny as my ‘wife’ (though so far that’s what I’ve been doing), and not because I’m not completely proud and grateful that I’ve achieved such an amazing thing in my life – marrying her – but because it makes us sound much older than we are really. Surely there are other ways of saying wife? and husband? We’re still very young and thus I’d like to find some new terms to replace these ones. I mean, we’re only in our mid-twenties! We’re babies I tells ya!

babies in love - cute as hell.

Jenny doesn’t like ‘other half’ very much, and does it really say ‘husband’ or ‘wife’? The ‘ol’ ball and chain’ is horrible really as she’s not a ball and chain at all and she’s certainly not old! She’s more of a young…helium balloon(?) or something, in the sense that she is not old and makes me feel joyous, light and just plain lovely (balloons are amazing at making you feel this way I’ve found). So really ball and chain is definitely not an option.

real ball and chain

I actually used to own a ball and chain just like this one (seriously)

‘Partner’ doesn’t really say we’re married as such, so that’s useless (and I don’t particularly like it anyway) and so we need to think of something new.

I started by doing some research:

The thesaurus (linked above) offers me these synonyms: bride, companion, consort, helpmate, mate, monogamist, other half, partner, roommate, spouse.

Some of these are clearly hilarious and I’m tempted to use them just for that. I mean, roommate?! That isn’t a synonym for wife!! Helpmate is a good one as she’s often helping me do something or other, but I’ve never heard this term and I doubt anyone else has so it might take a bit of explanation everytime I use it. Monogamist is an interesting one, but a bit cold (and insane?) perhaps – and I’d be crazy to choose that.

Consort is definitely a contender as it would be very amusing to say to people things like – ‘Me and my consort Jenny went for a walk yesterday, only to find we weren’t wearing any shoes!’ The only problem is that people might not realise that I’m married to Jenny in this case, which really renders this term useless as a replacement. Damn.


So if we go lower in the thesaurus entry it offers some synonyms for ‘partner’, a few of which I like the idea of. Sidekick is a cool one I think, and we’d feel a bit like superheroes perhaps! But Jenny might get a complex, or feel inadequate about being my sidekick. Unless I was her sidekick, but then – I like to wear trousers sometimes in this relationship and I would be conceding any chance of that if I became her permanent sidekick.

I like ally too but it’s one of those words that looks wrong when you write it so I’ve gone off it almost immediately.

It would seem that this is an extremely hard task and at this point I’ve not reached any definitive decisions. What do you think? Do you have any other ideas of words to use? Maybe you’ve got made-up words you could suggest, or just one’s I haven’t thought of? Either way I’d like to know, so let me know if you’ve got any thoughts.

Anyway, that’s my blog post for today. I will post another one soon, but entirely at my own whim. =D

See you again soon I hope,



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8 Responses to “Other words for wife…”

  1. definingwords Says:

    I love your wholesome choices… I’m glad “woman,” “betty,” and “baby mama” didn’t make your list. It’s refreshing to see love and respect displayed. I like the word “only,” as in “she’s my only.” Try that one on for size 🙂

  2. Fire Fairy Says:

    Love it Joe! It’s got me thinking about how me and Rob should refer to each other once we’re married… Sidekick is cool though, but like you say it doesn’t sound very equal. Mmm, I will let you know if I come up with anything good!

  3. Mujtaba Says:

    hey joe, i was curious too regarding what termnology should i use 🙂 so brother, i address her by sayin “baby,” “jaan,” (life) “my dignity,” “my entity,” and i usually call her by “my SOULMATE” because she will be with me in hereafter too so yeah we are soulmates 🙂

  4. PSM Says:

    Hi Joe… The best complementary word for ” WIFE ” is ” BESTHALF “. 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  5. Carolyn D. Wiesner Says:

    Did you ever come up with anything? I am desperately searching for a word that sounds like who I would be if I were to marry my (male) partner. “Wife” is not me! And I agree that “partner” can be interpreted in too many ways.

    • joehurrycreations Says:

      It’s an ongoing problem to be honest. I decided it was best to just change the way I look at the word wife. Now I try and see it as a symbol of how in love we are and so am proud to say she’s my wife. Also it now makes me feel grown-up as opposed to ‘old’. I’m sorry I couldn’t help!

      • Carolyn D. Wiesner Says:

        Sigh. I guess I will just have to come to terms with the English language and its patriarchal history and make the best of it. I hope someday I have some awesome brain flash and come up with something that sounds like who I am, though.

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