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Hello there readers,

Did you know I also write music? Well I do. I’m sure you thought you knew all there was to know about me but I’ve still got a few surprises up my sleeves (and under my many hats). It was actually my main focus for a large part of my life before getting a lot more into my current endeavors.

I'm a lot like this guy in some ways, but of course - I'm in colour.

Thankfully I realised that I was mainly being driven by the ego and that the concept of ‘fame’ was in no way what I desired. All I craved (and still crave) really was a method of expression and a way of saying something in a more powerful way than it would be if it were said with just words. Also I find it the most natural way of expressing myself really.

I’ve been singing for my entire life and writing music for half of it. I’m quite sure that on some level I am meant to sing (in one way or another), but it could just be that naturally we’re all supposed to sing. Perhaps because it came quite naturally to me as a child I’ve just got more confidence to do it than some. Which presents an interesting question. Is it only society that has made it that we don’t all sing? Worries of what people will think of us or who will judge us could easily be stopping the majority of us even trying to sing. With Xfactor, Pop Idol and other anxiety pushing television so big nowadays it’s no surprise really that this may very well be the case.

See how they laugh!

In tribal communities the whole tribe get together and all sing. It’s an important part of life to them.So maybe it’s as simple as that. Either way, I love singing and it’s just what I do, more naturally than anything else – which is why it’s my method of choice for expressing myself.

I have no need for these

So the idea of ‘exposure’ or ‘fans’ seems silly nowadays. Just a few people to share some music with (or make music with) and I’m entirely content. People on the street even! (I’ve been dying to busk recently.) Being a musician has given me some mad and brilliant experiences so far and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved with it all. I’ve gone on stage dressed up like Avril Lavigne and performed ‘Sk8tr Boi’ (lame!), covered some fantastic real music that I love (and did it proud), made music videos, and been in rock bands, punk bands, funk bands and many others for shorter stints. Hopefully there’s more to come still before I’m done.

Anyway, here you go, hear some music:

The Shoe Song – This is one of my most recent songs, and I really like it. Here are the lyrics:

If you, were a pair of shoes.
You’re the ones, that I would always choose.
Fit like a charm, cushioning my feet.
Making me, feel more complete.

You’d go with me wherever I may go,
Reliable and strong, protecting me alone.

If I, went around the earth.
You would last, whatever I traversed.
Everyone, can’t help admiring you.
So beautiful, it’s no surprise they do.

A skilled craftsmen will never recreate,
Anything like you, however long we wait.

I must say I have never been as comfortable as this,
I can’t imagine better shoes could possibly exist.
I’ll pull your laces tight, and pull you close to me.
So take me anywhere, if it’s with you,
it’s where I want to be. (ahhh, ahh ahh ah ahh ahhhhh)
It’s where I want to be.
It’s where I want to be.
It would hurt to go anywhere, without you on my feet.

Not An Option – This is a much earlier song, from almost 6 years ago now I think. Lyrics below:

Lying in my bed, I am dreaming.

About the things you said, and their meaning.

And no I don’t regret, this aching feeling.

Yours is the only world, that I feel real in.

And if I want your heart, would that be stealing?

‘Cause mine is beating fast, and my head is screaming.

Hey Hey, Say what you will.

Hey Hey, I’m falling deeper still.

But love, is just not an option.

But I’m watching, I’m waiting for you.

‘Cause letting go, is too much to ask of me.

So I’m watching, I’m waiting for you.

I wish I had a secret place, that I could hide in.

I would take you there, and I’d confide in you.

‘Cause I just want to be, the smile you’re finding.

And if only you could see, in my eyes you’re shining.

Hey Hey, Say what you will.

Hey Hey, Oh I can’t keep still.

But love, is just not an option.

But I’m watching, I’m waiting for you.

‘Cause letting go, is too much to ask of me.

So I’m watching, I’m waiting for you.

(Your eyes, have got something at first I didn’t see.

And now, I’m looking at you looking at me.

Forgot what I wanted to say,

So hard to stop and think these days.)

Lying in my bed, I am dreaming.

About the things you said, and their meanings.

And no I won’t regret, this aching feeling.

Your’s is the only world, I feel real in.

Anyway, that’s it for this time. Sorry for the blogging silence over the past month or so, we’ve been busy moving to a much warmer house! Hopefully I’ve got many more blogging beans in my pod (if you will).

See you again soon!

Joe – x


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