Joe Hurry Creations’ Genius Occupations

Hello everyone and welcome to new semi-regular feature I’m going to be doing on this blog from this day forth. It’s called ‘Joe Hurry Creations’ Genius Occupations’ (if you hadn’t twigged) and it’s going to be one of many new features – so you just wait.

This is part of my various attempts to blog more often but at the same time keep things as interesting as usual. So, once or twice a month we shall be looking at someone fantastic and brilliant who’s made a job out of something that’s just absolute genius. This will often be something mad and original, but at this point this feature could really go anywhere.

Anywhere at all! These are just some seals!

So today let me introduce you to Edgar Mueller. You may have seen some of his work around on the internet, but if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat. Edgar is an artist who uses the street as his canvas. Sounds simple enough, loads of people do chalk drawings, right? There was that Australian chimney sweep guy in Mary Poppins – they jumped right into his drawing. Well Edgar does pictures that look as if you really could jump into them. He uses perspective to create the most astounding 3D paintings you’ve ever seen. Take a look:brother and sister

caved in

Impressive eh?

He’s done pieces all over the world and is seemingly doing rather well for himself. So lets take a moment to commend Edgar for his super-awesome talentedness and wish him more luck in the future. Now lets take another moment to be just a little bit jealous of him for having such super-awesome talentedness (unless you are equally gifted in some regard – like my wife for instance.)

Street art

I must say, I love his work and he is definitely an inspiration to anyone working behind a desk or in any other uncomfortable and unnatural location. This guy certainly has a genius occupation. =)

More features to come so hopefully I shall see you again soon.

Thanks for reading, lovely to see you



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4 Responses to “Joe Hurry Creations’ Genius Occupations”

  1. gtlady Says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, that actually made my boys put their ds’s down for a couple of minutes, thanks so much for sharing, am going to put a link on my blog to this – absolute genius!

  2. Hooked Yarn: ATC cards received Says:

    […] peeps, Joe has written the most fantastic post on genius occupations, this is absolute brilliance, click here and be […]

  3. Jane Says:

    Yikes, Dick Van Dyke was supposed to be a Cockney chimney sweep. Just goes to show what an appalling accent he had 😉

    Those street art scenes are amazing, aren’t they?

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