Other People’s Creations Pt.1

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

How lovely to see you again dear reader!

Today I’d like to share with you someone else’s amazing creations, which are also made from recycled materials. Take a look:

bottle house
Come with me on a journey to Prince Edward Island, Canada!
bottle map
We swoop over the sea and through the mountains (there must be some mountains I’d have thought) and land gently on the grass at the smallish but rather awesome –  Bottle Houses.

bottle house window

Constructed by the late Édouard T. Arsenault out of 25,000 bottles, these various buildings are the result of years of work. He was inspired by a postcard of a bottle church in 1979 and so started collecting empty wine bottles from local restaurants, friends and relatives and then washing and de-labelling them all ready for construction.

bottle house

He managed to create 3 different buldings in 4 years and they’ve been open to the public since 1981.

chapel with bottle walls

There’s even a chapel where the sunlight shines through at the altar and it looks pretty beautiful (not that I’m really religious – it’s just pretty).

sunlight through bottles

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been kind to these beautiful structures. So from 1992 to 1998 the buildings have been carefully photographed, deconstructed (saving all the original bottles) and then rebuilt with better foundations to last for much longer.

bottle bottle

You wouldn't want to hit this bottle!

So yeah, personally I think they are pretty darn cool. I shall try and seek out more amazing things to share with you in future weeks, but for now I shall bring this to a close. Thanks for coming, see you again soon.

Good day to you all,



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3 Responses to “Other People’s Creations Pt.1”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    That’s fantastic 😀 Thanks for sharing, really impressive stuff!

  2. vInTaGe VioLeT Says:

    wow they are pretty impressive builds – wouldn’t a window made of the bottoms of bottles be great?

    thanks for your comment on my blog about my banner :o) it’s my photo and MeridianAriel did the text and maybe changed the contrast a bit? i’m not clever at pooter things!

  3. Gemma Says:

    Wow- I’ve seen windows and garden walls made from bottles before but not a whole house! Amazing!
    I’d love to make a garden wall, south facing, so I can sit and read bathed in bottle colours. A girl can dream….

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