50’s Photoshopping

Hello everyone!

Recently my wife’s sister Jess was happily married to the musical genius that is Forbes Coleman of Audiobeach Studios, Brighton in the Albion Hotel, Brighton.

forbes and jess coleman photoshop

Don't be fooled, that isn't really them dancing. =P

They had a 50’s themed wedding and we decided to make them one of those things-that-no-one-knows-the-name-of. You know the ones! They have them on Brighton pier and other seaside destinations, where you put your face in the hole and become part of a picture of lifeguards or mermaids or somesuch. This unfortunately didn’t work out, but what we ended up doing was far cooler, way more original and just much better all round.

50's jess coleman

This photo will make sense when you've read the rest of the post.

Now while I keep saying ‘we’ and ‘us’, to be honest almost all the credit for what we created goes to Jenny (my amazing wife). She’s done a blog post about her efforts here so at this point I refer you to her blog if you want to know more of the overall process. When you’ve read that, come back here and I’ll tell you about what I did.


Ok, done?


So my job (while Jenny cut and tidied my dreads) was to create some pictures for the frames hanging on this ‘wall’. As I’m fairly good with Photoshop, and Jenny wanted interesting and 50’s themed pictures, we decided that we could probably make some pretty amusing images of the bride and groom actually in the 50’s. The ideas were all Jenny’s, I just did the work.steam train at brighton station

So while she tugged on my hair (which I’m going to blog about next), I searched the internet for some 50’s scenes and searched my computer for some good pictures of the couple. Half the time was spent looking for pictures really, it was quite mind-numbing.

old west pier brighton

I sent them travelling in time like Bill and Ted.

Eventually I had some great choices of 50’s images and scenes to put them into and after two 4-5 hour nights of dreading and photo-shopping we had some pretty awesome results. At some point I thought, ‘That’s it – they’re finished!‘ But the interesting thing was that when I looked at all my ‘finished’ work I realised I had learnt so much from doing them all that the first few could be so much better and it was obvious how to improve them.

50's housewife

She didn't really make that cake. She wishes.

So after another half an hour or so I was actually done, and they were very cool indeed. They went down a storm at the wedding and everyone seemed to enjoy ‘the photoboard’ Jenny and I had created. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was totally worth it as it was awesome fun putting it all together. Quite an adventure.

50's guitar man

Forbes is actually this cool in real life. Just not a 50's musician.

I’ve posted a gallery below of all the photo-shopped pictures and some comparative pictures of the photoshops next to the original 50’s images. I thought you might like to see. Enjoy!

And that’s all for today.

Thanks for coming,



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5 Responses to “50’s Photoshopping”

  1. gtlady Says:

    OMG, and I don’t say that lightly ( i hate it when people do it all the time) but really OMG, those photos are amazing, as I said on BBB blog, what a truely fab pressie x

  2. vintageviolet Says:


  3. Melliemel122 Says:

    This is such a good fun / good times post…those pictures really made me smile…. back in the ’80’s i looked like someone from the ’50’s!

  4. Gemma Says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  5. Jane Says:

    I love love love the one with the chocolate cake! So clever!

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