Tidying My Dreads

Hey you!

Jenny has tidied my dreads up good and proper and I’m hear to tell you all about it. You lucky things! =)

dreadlocks that need tidying

This is after they're cut and before they've been tidied. (They were way longer before this)

This doesn’t happen very often as we’re usually busy with something or other and it never seems very important as they’re dreads and so they can look messy – it’s fine. Except of course when you’re due to go to a fancy 50’s themed wedding and you want to look your very best that is. And that’s where we went last weekend.

mirror reflection

That's me in 50's get up. Spinny photo eh?

So something needed to be done about my messy hair. It hadn’t been cut and tidied up since our wedding and that was in June last year, so it was going to be a bit of a job (it was quite long). Look at the difference between the two sides!

Half done hair cut

Quite a difference in length.

This was awfully timed because – as you’ll see on Jenny’s blog – we had lots to do before the day of the wedding.

50's wedding

Like trying to choose my outfit for instance...

So we cut them shorter.

dreadlocks cut off

A lot was cut off though.

It was a bit scary.

hair cut


It made quite a pile of dreads – a strange thing to see in front of me on the desk.

Dreadlock pile

I put them in the bin eventually but it was a really strange thing to do. Looking down at them felt like looking down at a limb or my own head in the bin. Very weird.

So cutting was quick and relatively easy. The actual tidying is the really time consuming bit. Jenny realistically figured we’d never get them all done in one evening (4 hours or so) and by the end of the night it was clear this was indeed correct. Thankfully she’d been clever (as always) and done the top layer and left the ones underneath for the next evening. I would’ve looked a bit strange if she hadn’t been so thoughtful and I had to go to work the next day so thank gods for her.

What we actually do to tidy them up is as follows:

Jenny threads all the loose hairs in and out of each dread with a tool of some kind that we got from a great online shop called ‘Dreadworx‘. Then we wax the dread to hold the hair in place with Knottyboy Dread Wax. I have no photos of this process so you’ll just have to use your imagination. It takes ages and after many hours they end up looking awsome.

just retwisted dreadlocks

This is actually a couple of weeks after. They were even better initially.

So now they are tidy and I looked pretty good at the wedding. And not just because I was so well dressed, but because Jenny had worked so hard to tidy me up.

I clean up nice, eh? (I am being taught how to juggle in this photo)

So lets all send hugs and happiness to pregnant Jenny for working so hard to get me looking nice. =) Go Jenny!

Thanks for reading,

Good day,


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