Theme Music Competition Results

Hello, Hello!

I did a competition in January, and somehow I never got round to announcing a winner. It’s been a busy year obviously!

So today I am here to announce the winner.

Original illustration cow

The prize (which I assume you’ve forgotten) is a card of any drawing you like from the array of them in the gallery on my website. But if you don’t have time for that sort of thing– I’d be happy to pick one for you.

So who’s the one that’s going to be choosing a card?

Well Sharon (of BlissKnits) had an interesting choice of combining the Gardeners World theme-tune with Dr.Who’s. But upon review of these tunes, my mind won’t let them co-exist so she did not win.

Danielle (of NelliD )suggested a trumpet playing Royal Brittania out of tune and although this is an amusing idea, it just wasn’t enough to win.

Haptree almost won it with her suggestion of Que Sera Sera, progressively getting louder until it sounds like the Sex Pistols singing it. I love that song so much and do like punk music quite a bit.

Leanne (of SeeTheWoods) suggested Benny Hill but noted that she didn’t think she’d want to hear that in her head for the rest of her life. That’s no good! Does Bart Simpson have that kind of luxury every week when he skateboards down the road?! No he doesn’t! So straight away, you’re out of the running.

So, the only person left is Nicola (of GrannyRuth’s Gift Emporium) and yes, she is the winner! Her theme music was the theme from Bod. Now Jenny knows what Bod is but me, I’ve never really seen it. So I went and looked it up to have a listen and ohmygod, it’s just genius. Click here if you haven’t heard it before. It is so joyous and intricate – but at the same time simple and beautiful. It’s a great positive choice and totally deserves the prize.

So congratulations Nicola! Get in touch and let me know which drawing you’d like as your prize.

See you all again soon for more interesting blog posts,

Happy Vibes,



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One Response to “Theme Music Competition Results”

  1. Sharon aka Bliss Knits Says:

    Well done Nichola! Wow, I forgot all about Bod. I LOVED that programme when I was little. Perfect choice for your theme music!

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