Bouncy Ball Army Gets Promoted

Hey everyone,

These aren't mine.

For a few years as a child I collected bouncy balls. Whenever I saw an interesting one I would try and get my mum to get it for me, and sometimes this would work. I named the collection my Bouncy Ball Army.

Don't throw these too far though

After I had amassed a certain number, I found a random bag and put them in it. (It actually turned out to be an Army and Navy bag or something like that which was rather crazy.) This is where they stayed for many years.

It was like this, except real.

They got promoted to a clear plastic bag years later when the old bag got a bit tatty. It seemed better to be able to see all the balls through the bag.

This was great, but Jenny and I have always said we should keep an eye out for a big glass jar so they could be a bit of a feature as opposed to just crap hanging around.

An example

Which brings me to my point! The other day we went to beautiful Lewes for lunch and a bit of shopping. And what do you know, during our adventure we came across a lovely big glass jar in the flea market! This is the result:

And for today, that’s all.

More posts soon.


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