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Other People’s Creations – ‘Artrox’

July 14, 2010

Hello there dear readers and welcome (or welcome back perhaps) to my blog!

We did a craft fair the other day at the nearby Steiner School in Forest Row. It was a beautiful sunny day, there was lots of lovely customers and there were lots of wonderful stalls selling beautiful things. In amongst these stalls were 2 or 3 artists that really stood out and today I’m going to tell you about one of them in particular.

Art piece on stone

This isn't her, it's just her hand (holding her work).

Let me introduce you to Sanya Budna of Artrox. She turns simple stones into the most beautiful and magical art pieces. It seems like a simple concept, and I suppose really it is but perhaps I should use her explanation:

“Carefully studying the stones’ topography, Sanya infuses life into their natural imprints. She respectfully follows patterns, without judgement, or opposition. As the soul of every individual stone grows clearer and bolder with each stroke of Sanya’s brush, a wonderful magic occurs. The creator becomes the created, and the interaction with the medium develops into an act of alchemy, transforming both the artist and the art piece.

art work on rocks

Each piece is an original and unique artistic expression that will never be repeated, with the purpose for each stone to also serve its beholder as a loving, stimulative and comforting companion.”

amazing artwork on rocks

I personally absolutely loved them and looking at her stall covered in all these little magical pieces made my heart ache they were so beautiful. On holiday as a kid (and still now to be honest) I found stones on the beach that I thought were beautiful and put them in my pocket. I think what Sandra is doing appeals to that nature in us, to have a constant connection to the earth and to see beauty in even the simple stones at our feet.

painted rock

Mind blowing.

She was really generous and let us trade one of Jenny’s awesome lavender houses for one of her stones. I also got another stone that will be staying with me from now on in that little pocket in my jeans that’s inside my normal pocket. You know the pocket I mean? It never gets used for anything usually. Anyway, that’s where this stone is staying. I love it. I am so very pleased.

Art rocks

Anyway, hopefully you can see what I mean and you don’t think I’m totally crazy. Do you guys collect rocks when on holiday? Surely you did when you were kids at least?

You can find out more about Sandra and her amazing work on her website. The photos don’t really do them justice though, so if you ever get a chance to see them in person then don’t pass it up.

And that’s all for today – so, very nice to see you all.

Do come back soon!



People we met at the craft fair

August 25, 2009

Hello everyone.

I do hope if you’re here reading this post that you’ve voted in the poll (featured in the last post). The more people who vote, the more reliable the results will be so go and vote if you haven’t!

Anyway, today I’m going to share some wonderful crafters with you who we met on Saturday at the craft fair we had a stall at. The craft fair was in Devizes, Wiltshire and was organised by the lovely Jules at Apple Tree Craft Fairs. She does a great job organising fairs that have strictly handmade goods and she’s very friendly so get in touch if you’re interested.

You may have guessed that this was her stall...

We met lots of people, and some were friendlier than others. The friendly ones who had good positive energy are who I will be featuring today.

So first up is a fellow Folksy seller, Nigel at Glowbox Solar Lanterns, who makes the coolest laterns for indoors and outdoors from wood and solar garden lights. They are beautiful and there’s one for every taste and personality. Very cool indeed.

This was the best photo I got, sorry!

This was the best photo I got, sorry!

The next person had so much wonderful colourful stuff that their stall was amazing. They also have a great name – The Rainbow Sheep. No website yet, but there’s a blog. Check them out as they’re making some beautiful things. Here’s their stall and amazing banner:

Lots of cool stuff eh?

Lots of cool stuff eh?

I'm told this took them ages. I bet.

I'm told this took them ages. I bet.

One of the nicest people we met was the cool artist girl who was on the other side of us, Alex McGarry. She had all kinds of beautiful work and if I had more money (and need for more art as we have so much already) then I would have definitely bought something. She spent the day finishing an amazingly realistic picture of a lake and trees, and it was so cool to see it slowly become complete. She does very real looking stuff, some rather beautiful and surreal stuff and also some cute little sheep paintings that were very cool. So a large range indeed. I gather her dad is also quite a well known wildlife artist, so that’s pretty cool.

I like the way she's done the writing at the front

I like the way she's done the writing at the front

Finally there was a fantastic artist in foyer of the building with all sorts of beautiful prints. His name was Ian Bertram and you can find him at his Etsy shop here. I bought a tiny art piece of his (just £2!) which turned out to be an ‘Artist Trading Card’. I went to tell Jenny about this and she had already heard of such things and filled me in a bit on what they are. She’s so clever. =) You’re online so you can go and look it up for yourself. =p Here’s his stall and the beautiful trading card I bought below:

So many great pieces...

So many great pieces...

I am so glad I own this!

I am so glad I own this!

Anyway, so that was the lovely people we met at the fair. I do wish them all luck in the future and I hope we meet again. I also hope you enjoyed seeing all their various stalls and wares.

Goodnight all,

Happy Vibes,


Magnet Stocktake

August 17, 2009

Hello all you lovelies,

So I still haven’t finished (nor have I barely started) tidying up the cat drawings for you to vote on (I know – I’m quite crap) and so I’ve decided to post about doing a stock take on my magnets.

Now let me explain firstly that I have a lot of magnet designs. I’m trying to whittle them down to the very best, but so far that’s still about 40 different designs still in stock. Anyway, the main problem with this is that it’s quite difficult to replenish stock at craft fairs when there’s so many magnets.

So I decided to alphabetise them all. Good god.

So many magnets

So many magnets

The pictures I’ve got in the post are just all the magnets laid out on the carpet, in no particular order. It took up a lot of floor space and I had to leave gaps for Jenny’s feet in case she wanted to go past.

You can see why I took a picture...

You can see why I took a picture...

So I gradually picked them up one-by-one using my stock sheet (sheets in fact) to make sure I didn’t miss any and get them all into an a-z pile.

I didn’t take a photo of the result (cos’ I’m clearly an idiot) so just imagine a pile of these magnets about as high as 5 or 6 packs of playing cards.

Next post, I hope to find something a little more interesting to blog about. Will I succeed? You’ll have to come back and see.

Good day to you my friend (or aquiantance),


Our stall at the garden opening

July 27, 2009

Hello again you lovely sootballs,

I’m blogging today to tell you about the wonderful day we had at my Gran’s house in Sussex. It’s a beautiful big country house (where we recently had our wedding reception) and she opens up the garden as part of the National Garden Scheme. Her garden is probably the most popular and biggest garden in the whole of Sussex in terms of the scheme and so a lot of people come along.

This is just a small part of the crazy garden!

This is just a small part of the crazy garden!

The first day was very wet and so there was only 81 people through the gates. We made a bit of money but were hoping for more people the next day. We weren’t disappointed as it seemed everyone who had planned on coming on the Friday came on the Saturday. 371 people. 166 Scones and cream teas served. All the sponge cake gone I tells ya!

So we ended up having a successful weekend and we were very pleased. We’ll be back in August and we’ve been offered a better position on the way into the garden which could mean we have an even more successful time. The stall looked great and should look even better in August. Here’s some photos of the stall for your enjoyment:

Jenny's side is the prettiest

We've managed to get lots of height on our stall now.

Jenny's side was the prettiest

Jenny's side was the prettiest (and her front, back and other side too)

Anyway, that’s me done.

Hope to see you soon,

Have a nice night/day!

Love Joe.