Theme Music Competition Results

June 26, 2010

Hello, Hello!

I did a competition in January, and somehow I never got round to announcing a winner. It’s been a busy year obviously!

So today I am here to announce the winner.

Original illustration cow

The prize (which I assume you’ve forgotten) is a card of any drawing you like from the array of them in the gallery on my website. But if you don’t have time for that sort of thing– I’d be happy to pick one for you.

So who’s the one that’s going to be choosing a card?

Well Sharon (of BlissKnits) had an interesting choice of combining the Gardeners World theme-tune with Dr.Who’s. But upon review of these tunes, my mind won’t let them co-exist so she did not win.

Danielle (of NelliD )suggested a trumpet playing Royal Brittania out of tune and although this is an amusing idea, it just wasn’t enough to win.

Haptree almost won it with her suggestion of Que Sera Sera, progressively getting louder until it sounds like the Sex Pistols singing it. I love that song so much and do like punk music quite a bit.

Leanne (of SeeTheWoods) suggested Benny Hill but noted that she didn’t think she’d want to hear that in her head for the rest of her life. That’s no good! Does Bart Simpson have that kind of luxury every week when he skateboards down the road?! No he doesn’t! So straight away, you’re out of the running.

So, the only person left is Nicola (of GrannyRuth’s Gift Emporium) and yes, she is the winner! Her theme music was the theme from Bod. Now Jenny knows what Bod is but me, I’ve never really seen it. So I went and looked it up to have a listen and ohmygod, it’s just genius. Click here if you haven’t heard it before. It is so joyous and intricate – but at the same time simple and beautiful. It’s a great positive choice and totally deserves the prize.

So congratulations Nicola! Get in touch and let me know which drawing you’d like as your prize.

See you all again soon for more interesting blog posts,

Happy Vibes,



The drawing room floor

June 23, 2010

Hello readers,

Today I’m going to start a feature on this blog where I show you some of the drawings that didn’t make it as far as being made into a card or a magnet. In fact some of these didn’t even make it out of my various sketchbooks. Some were just drawn on little squares of paper, and were in fact almost lost to the world.

But seeing as I took the time to draw them, I figure that they shouldn’t go to waste. I imagine they’ll be a good source of entertainment one way or another!

So today I present this existential and just downright strange drawing I did a few months ago.

existential drawing

And I think with that, my work here is done.

Good day to you dear reader.


Joe Hurry Creations’ Amazing Revelations

June 18, 2010

Todays amazing revelation:

Elephants are one of the few mammals that can’t jump.

And to quote a guy on Yahoo! Answers (because I found him very interesting):

There are several others listed including the okapi, guinea pig and raccoon who are also reported as not being able to jump.

In the same class as the elephant, both Hippopotamus and Rhinoceroses come closer to skipping than jumping. Like the elephant, their body mass is too great in relation to their mass.

In addition, all bats have weak legs and usually have trouble walking, let alone jumping.

It has been recorded that sloths move too slow to jump. Plus they seldom climb down out of their trees.

Giraffes are known to run, but apparently always have one “foot on the ground.” Due to their neck structure, it may not be possible for them to jump in the usual meaning of the word.

Due to their odd physical shapes and relatively slow speeds, echidna (spiny anteater), duck-billed platypus and koala might also be listed among the non-jumpers.

Finally, there are the non-land mammals most of which can come at least part way out of the water, but none have legs and by definition, can not jump. These would include whales, porpoises, dolphins, manatees and maybe even sea lions.


Join me for more amazing revelations, genius occupations, interesting conversations and other (non-rhyming) stuff too in my next blog post.

Love to you all,


The Wirrow

June 15, 2010

Good evening dear readers! (or morning or afternoon I suppose),

the wirrow imagining

Today I am here to share with you a wondrous artist that from the moment I saw his work, he blew my mind. To start with, the video below features lots of his art and some of his music and I think it’s a good place to begin.

One of the reasons I really like what Wirrow does is that, in his own words he ‘creates characters and tells stories‘. Also, like me he ‘likes things that are lo-fi and organic’.

wirrow art piece
The art he creates gets right down into my soul and manages to affect me deeply. Every piece he creates has a longing, and also this amazing wonderment to it. It’s almost nostalgic in some ways, but at the same time I’ve never seen anything like it.

wirrow art piece
Many of them are also just really sweet,

wirrow art fox cub hug

they are often hilarious

speech bubble thought bubble wirrow

and they always make me smile – even when they’re sad somehow.

art piece wirrow

I had a really hard time picking so few of his pieces to feature in this post so I’d recommend heading over to his blog and his website and spending many hours looking at everything very closely.

cats on my mind

To close, here’s one of his animations (that the geeks among you will like especially).

wirrow show is over

And that, is today’s blog post. I only wish I could make things this beautiful. Perhaps one day I will. I’d like to thank Wirrow for making such amazing pieces and for putting them out into the world.

Thanks for coming,


A New Drawing Today…

June 10, 2010

Today, a new drawing:

man 2x4

And that is all.

Good day.


In the recording studio…

June 7, 2010

Good day my friends!

recording studio desk

A couple of weeks ago I spent two evenings at AudioBeach UK, a small but impressive, lottery-funded recording studio in Brighton run by my brother-in-law Forbes Coleman.

That's his head at least, someone elses body. Click the image for the Real Forbes.

We’ve been developing one of my songs which I had written and recorded at home with just guitar and backing vocals previously and we’ve ended up with something very cool indeed.

There was quite an impressive drum kit.

We’ve added drums, bass, re-recorded the guitar parts, re-done all the vocals, added some piano and even put a bit of electric guitar in there towards the end. It’s turned out amazing and I’m really pleased with it. I’m very excited for you all to hear it!

This is how a fish would see the control room.

I forgot the camera on the second day which was a shame, if I’d remembered it this post would be littered with images of me looking all cool recording the vocals or Forbes playing the piano part – maybe in black and white to make them extra arty.

recording the vocals audiobeach

Jenny got this image on my phone camera, it's the best we managed to get. (Still pretty cool though)

Now I’m going to give you the new studio version to listen to first and then if you’re curious as to how it sounded originally (and you haven’t already heard it), you can then listen to the original version below that. Ok? (and please try and listen to it with some good speakers if you have the option – not just on your laptop!).

Right then, enjoy!

Manifest – Studio Production

Manifest – Original Demo

And the lyrics are here:


Sitting in the sun, spring is back again.

Wonder where you are, just what’s happening.

I cannot believe where life has taken me.

There are things that I have seen that everyone should see.

The things that we can create,

If we only concentrate.

Manifest what you will,

Imagination’s there to fill.

You can have just what you want,

As long as you don’t think you can’t.

Go create your perfect life,

Dive right in and don’t think twice.
Be grateful for the things you’ve got,

And more will come your way.

Focus on the love, that you’ll find if you look for.

Focussing like this, just brings in more and more.

So forget about the hate, forget about the lies.

Focus on the truth, that’s here before our eyes.

The things that we can create,

If we only concentrate.

Manifest what you will,

Imagination’s there to fill.

You can have just what you want,

As long as you don’t think you can’t.

Go create your perfect life,

Dive right in and don’t think twice.
Be grateful for the things you’ve got,

And more will come your way.

Now I, want to sing you all this song,

And although things have gone wrong,

You can change how things turn out,

Change will come about, if we clear our minds of doubt.

And I, want to ask you all to sing,

And to question everything.

Learn that fear just isn’t real,

There are better things to feel, live with love and we can heal.

So go, tell this to your friends.

Pull them from there beds,

We’ve done our sleeping now, it’s time to wake up and be proud,

We’ve got to sing our truth aloud, do things you’re not allowed.

Be yourself, love yourself, trust yourself x2

Manifest what you will,

Imagination’s there to fill.

You can have just what you want,

As long as you don’t think you can’t.

Go create your perfect life,

Dive right in and don’t think twice.
Be grateful for the things you’ve got,

And more will come your way.

New Baby Card Ideas!

May 29, 2010

Hey everyone,

I’m often asked whether I have a card for someone who’s just had a new baby, and as of yet the answer’s been no. Until now!

So today I’m here to show you my two latest card designs! I’m dying to know what you guys think. So do let me know which your favourite one is. Now you may love them both, and if this is the case – that’s ok. You may not like either of them, and if this is the case – keep it to yourself! Hopefully you’ll like at least one of them anyway.

Here you go:

new born baby card


new baby card design

Thanks for coming, see you again soon.


Joe Hurry Creations’ Interesting Conversations

May 26, 2010

Hello you lovely readers. Today I start another new feature in which I interview interesting people about the interesting or awesome things they do(at least that’s the premise).

Today I’d like to introduce you to Lesley Karpiuk of ‘GEEKSOAP’.GEEKSOAP maker

GEEKSOAP is a new venture that makes some of the coolest soap I ever did see. If you aren’t particularly geeky the greatness of these soaps might go over your head a bit, it’s true. But hopefully you’ll find Lesley inspiring and interesting. She makes each bar of GEEKSOAP herself, by hand, in her kitchen and in a few short months she’s made quite a success of it so far. I recently interviewed her and we had an interesting conversation and this is what you’ll find below. Enjoy!twitter facebook gifts

What led you to start doing your craft?
I’ve been crafty as long as I can remember. I dabbled in soapmaking back in college around 2001 but nothing geeky. In May 2009 I made my first Batman soap. I had been knitting a friend a Batman washcloth for a birthday gift, but when it was finished it didn’t seem like enough. I wanted to make something to go with the washcloth, and soap seemed to be the perfect complement. I pulled out my soapmaking supplies from my craft box (I save everything) and set to work to design some Batman soap. It was a hit, and I sold a few bars around Christmas in 2009. At the time I was doing mostly knit and crochet, but in early 2010 while crocheting a Cthulhu hat, I was inspired to try some Cthulhu soap. The rest is history! I started making so much geeky soap in late February/early March that I decided to separate my geeky soap from my knit and crochet Etsy and officially created GEEKSOAP.

batman geeksoap

How long has it been now?

Though I flirted with soapmaking briefly in college, my first geeky soap wasn’t made until May 2009. I didn’t start focusing on my geeky soap as its own separate business until 3 months ago, though. I have been making things for as long as I can remember.

What’s your workspace like?
I’ve taken over my kitchen. And the living room. And just about everywhere else I can store soap supplies. I have a dedicated counter for soaping with a wide ledge above it for drying and drawers for some supplies. Thankfully the kitchen leads out into the living room, where I have three large, long tables together for my staging area and where I set up orders to be shipped. I’ve got lots of those large tupperware type drawer units out there to keep things organized, too. My computer and printer are in between the kitchen and living room, which is convenient because I’m usually simultaneously replying to customers or printing labels in between making and moving loads of soap.NES cartridge geeksoap

What’s the most challenging art-related thing you’ve done so far in your life?

I’ve always picked up various crafts quickly. All but crochet. Most people learn crochet first and knitting later because crochet is supposed to be the easier of the two. I learned knitting first and then tried to teach myself crochet from watching online tutorials. I tried to teach myself and gave up at least two times before I finally figured it out. It was SO difficult for me to grasp at first, but now that I’ve been doing it for a couple years it’s become second nature. To this day, though, I still feel that crochet is more difficult than knitting. Maybe it’s because when crocheting there are thousands of potential stitches to stick your hook into so it’s easier to work into the wrong stitch… but with knitting, all of your stitches are one after the other on the needle, so you always know exactly where to insert the needle to complete the next stitch. Now I’m rambling.

What’s the most exciting art-related thing that’s ever happened to you?

I’ve made a lot of things over the years that has received positive feedback, and recently I was featured in many places on the Internet, complete with a couple RL magazine photo shoots done of my soap, but nothing tops the reaction to a gift that I made and gave to my brother and sister-in-law. This past Christmas I did a large, somewhat abstract painting of my brand new nephew to give to them. When they opened the giant painting on Christmas morning, it moved my brother to tears, though he tried hard to hold them back. They still talk about that painting being the most important thing that they own, and to me, that is the best, most exciting feeling about something I created with my own two hands ever.

Is there anyone (artists or otherwise) that inspire you especially?

I am inspired by the small, indie handmade crowd; I find handmade and local to be so important, and thanks to the Internet I am able to connect with small independent crafters more easily. I am inspired by their hard work and their true dedication to the quality of their craft vs. mass production.

If you were an animal, what animal what you be and why?
I’d be a moose. I don’t know why, but I love moose. I lived in Canada for three years and wanted to see one in person SO BADLY. It figures that after living out west in Calgary all that time it would take an anniversary vacation to Nova Scotia on the east coast before I saw my first one. One month before we moved back to the states. At least I can say I saw one before we left the country. I heart moose.

When you’re not making your pieces, what do you get up to?
When I’m not making soap, I’m probably knitting/crocheting something or gaming. I love playing video games! Anything on a Nintendo console or MMORPGs on my PC… I play them all. I also like to rollerblade when the weather cooperates.

Would you recommend us some blogs worth checking out?
Yes! There are so many good blogs out there, but some of my favorites include How Science Fiction Failed Us on GeekShui (all good stuff there)
SciFabulous by Emily Pritchard
and for the knitting geeks, I adore Knit Purl Gurl’s blog at
Finally, what’s your favourite sight, sound, smell and feeling?
My favorite sight is of my husband and our two dogs snuggling. Sometimes I’ll look over and they’re all cuddled together in a big pile saving a spot for “mama” on the couch and I can’t resist their faces. I swear those three can NEVER get in trouble when they give me their puppy dog faces.
My favorite sound is the crashing of the Atlantic ocean against the rocky shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. I dream about it.
This is going to make me seem totally crazy (If you didn’t already think I was), but I love the smell of my husband’s deodorant – Old Spice. He doesn’t wear cologne, so this is the smell that I have associated with him, and it’s the most comforting smell in the whole world.

While we’re referencing my craziness, I’ll also admit that I love squishing soft yarn before I start a new fiber project. I have a hard time keeping myself from petting yarn; how it feels is the most important part of my decision to use it.


And that’s all for today kids. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Lesley as much as I did. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her and her soap as the business continues to grow.

See you all again soon,

Thanks for coming,


Tidying My Dreads

May 18, 2010

Hey you!

Jenny has tidied my dreads up good and proper and I’m hear to tell you all about it. You lucky things! =)

dreadlocks that need tidying

This is after they're cut and before they've been tidied. (They were way longer before this)

This doesn’t happen very often as we’re usually busy with something or other and it never seems very important as they’re dreads and so they can look messy – it’s fine. Except of course when you’re due to go to a fancy 50’s themed wedding and you want to look your very best that is. And that’s where we went last weekend.

mirror reflection

That's me in 50's get up. Spinny photo eh?

So something needed to be done about my messy hair. It hadn’t been cut and tidied up since our wedding and that was in June last year, so it was going to be a bit of a job (it was quite long). Look at the difference between the two sides!

Half done hair cut

Quite a difference in length.

This was awfully timed because – as you’ll see on Jenny’s blog – we had lots to do before the day of the wedding.

50's wedding

Like trying to choose my outfit for instance...

So we cut them shorter.

dreadlocks cut off

A lot was cut off though.

It was a bit scary.

hair cut


It made quite a pile of dreads – a strange thing to see in front of me on the desk.

Dreadlock pile

I put them in the bin eventually but it was a really strange thing to do. Looking down at them felt like looking down at a limb or my own head in the bin. Very weird.

So cutting was quick and relatively easy. The actual tidying is the really time consuming bit. Jenny realistically figured we’d never get them all done in one evening (4 hours or so) and by the end of the night it was clear this was indeed correct. Thankfully she’d been clever (as always) and done the top layer and left the ones underneath for the next evening. I would’ve looked a bit strange if she hadn’t been so thoughtful and I had to go to work the next day so thank gods for her.

What we actually do to tidy them up is as follows:

Jenny threads all the loose hairs in and out of each dread with a tool of some kind that we got from a great online shop called ‘Dreadworx‘. Then we wax the dread to hold the hair in place with Knottyboy Dread Wax. I have no photos of this process so you’ll just have to use your imagination. It takes ages and after many hours they end up looking awsome.

just retwisted dreadlocks

This is actually a couple of weeks after. They were even better initially.

So now they are tidy and I looked pretty good at the wedding. And not just because I was so well dressed, but because Jenny had worked so hard to tidy me up.

I clean up nice, eh? (I am being taught how to juggle in this photo)

So lets all send hugs and happiness to pregnant Jenny for working so hard to get me looking nice. =) Go Jenny!

Thanks for reading,

Good day,

50’s Photoshopping

May 15, 2010

Hello everyone!

Recently my wife’s sister Jess was happily married to the musical genius that is Forbes Coleman of Audiobeach Studios, Brighton in the Albion Hotel, Brighton.

forbes and jess coleman photoshop

Don't be fooled, that isn't really them dancing. =P

They had a 50’s themed wedding and we decided to make them one of those things-that-no-one-knows-the-name-of. You know the ones! They have them on Brighton pier and other seaside destinations, where you put your face in the hole and become part of a picture of lifeguards or mermaids or somesuch. This unfortunately didn’t work out, but what we ended up doing was far cooler, way more original and just much better all round.

50's jess coleman

This photo will make sense when you've read the rest of the post.

Now while I keep saying ‘we’ and ‘us’, to be honest almost all the credit for what we created goes to Jenny (my amazing wife). She’s done a blog post about her efforts here so at this point I refer you to her blog if you want to know more of the overall process. When you’ve read that, come back here and I’ll tell you about what I did.


Ok, done?


So my job (while Jenny cut and tidied my dreads) was to create some pictures for the frames hanging on this ‘wall’. As I’m fairly good with Photoshop, and Jenny wanted interesting and 50’s themed pictures, we decided that we could probably make some pretty amusing images of the bride and groom actually in the 50’s. The ideas were all Jenny’s, I just did the work.steam train at brighton station

So while she tugged on my hair (which I’m going to blog about next), I searched the internet for some 50’s scenes and searched my computer for some good pictures of the couple. Half the time was spent looking for pictures really, it was quite mind-numbing.

old west pier brighton

I sent them travelling in time like Bill and Ted.

Eventually I had some great choices of 50’s images and scenes to put them into and after two 4-5 hour nights of dreading and photo-shopping we had some pretty awesome results. At some point I thought, ‘That’s it – they’re finished!‘ But the interesting thing was that when I looked at all my ‘finished’ work I realised I had learnt so much from doing them all that the first few could be so much better and it was obvious how to improve them.

50's housewife

She didn't really make that cake. She wishes.

So after another half an hour or so I was actually done, and they were very cool indeed. They went down a storm at the wedding and everyone seemed to enjoy ‘the photoboard’ Jenny and I had created. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was totally worth it as it was awesome fun putting it all together. Quite an adventure.

50's guitar man

Forbes is actually this cool in real life. Just not a 50's musician.

I’ve posted a gallery below of all the photo-shopped pictures and some comparative pictures of the photoshops next to the original 50’s images. I thought you might like to see. Enjoy!

And that’s all for today.

Thanks for coming,