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I love Junky Chicken!

July 2, 2010

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post today to tell ask you all to go and check out my wife’s newly relaunched shop on Folksy.

Upcycling maps amazing

She’s got a new banner, some new products and it’s still all as awesome as it ever was. She needs some favourites and some sales (she had 31 sales in the old shop!) – so feel free to fall in love with something and snap it up.

She totally deserves as much love as you can spare as she is just brilliant. This is why I married her you see.

You can also look at some of the great presents she’s made me over the years in my series ‘Jenny’s Amazing Gifts‘, right here on this blog!

Anyway, more proper posts coming soon.

Lovely to see you all!


How to get a chick in 21 days

April 10, 2010

Hey everyone,

So I came in from putting the chickens to bed tonight (we’re looking after the neighbours’ 2 beautiful chickens) and I commented to Jenny (who is my brilliant and pregnant wife for those who are new here) that she was taking much longer than the chickens do to make our baby. I’d found another egg since getting one this morning you see, so chickens are really quick.

clock on belly

Humans take ages to hatch.

She rightly pointed out that she doesn’t need to sit on her eggs, they come out pre-sat on and pre-hatched. Then I realised I didn’t actually know how long a chicken sits on an egg before it hatches. It seems all wrong that I don’t know something so basic as this. So I went on a smallĀ  journey of discovery to find out more (to wikipedia incidently) and I discovered the answer and many other interesting things too!

hatching a dog egg

Firstly, to answer the original question – it takes roughly 21 days of sitting on an egg (a chicken sitting on an egg that is) for it to be ready to hatch. So even with the sitting they’ve got Jenny totally beaten. But this was just the beginning of my learning. For instance:

Hens can be extremely stubborn about always laying in the same location. It is not unknown for two (or more) hens to try to share the same nest at the same time. If the nest is small, or one of the hens is particularly determined, this may result in chickens trying to lay on top of each other.

Imagine it! How I laughed! That’s just hilarious and great.

four chicks ride on chicken

I couldn't find a photo of eggs layed upon a chicken. This was the closest match.

Then I discovered this:

Before hatching, the hen can hear the chicks peeping inside the eggs, and will gently cluck to stimulate them to break out of their shells.

How cute is that?! I love chickens even more now than I already did!

But anyway, the last thing I’m going to share with you is my favourite discovery:

Geese lay huge eggs

You could find this under your chicken (if you have geese too).

Some breeds, such as the Cochin, Cornish and Silkie, regularly go broody, and make excellent mothers. Not only for chicken eggs but also for those of other species. Even those with much smaller or much larger eggs, such as quail, pheasants, turkeys or geese!

It must be a bit of a surprise for the chicken when a baby goose pops out, or she’s probably perfectly aware of what she’s doing. Wow, chickens are so amazing and sweet.

Delicious chicken in a bun

Sweet and delicious...

Anyway, that’s all for today.

See you again soon,

Good day.