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Random Drawing

July 7, 2010

Hey guys,

Just a quick post of a random new drawing I did the other day:

cute squidgy small smiley no trunk no beard

See you again for more in depth posts in the next day or two.

Byesy bye,



Jess Bradley’s amazing art

November 8, 2009

Hello my pretties,

Today I’m going to do a bit of a feature on someone elses work that I absolutely love. I recently came across a lovely girl named Jess Bradley through a bit of chain of randomness. I was on someone’s blogspot blog (I can’t remember who they were annoyingly – someone into Japanese-type stuff) and she had all her followers in the side bar and one of the little avatar images looked hilarious so I decided to click through to the person’s blog. This is where I ended up.

Jess Bradley is a wonderful artist who is a masterful creator of:

The ridiculously cute.

The brillaintly absurd.

And the wonderfully hilarious (although the above are clearly also hilarious):

It’s all got a japanese style to it, as they are the masters of cute stuff really (you can’t deny it), and it’s all just great really.

The blog led me to her website, which I was then on for a good hour, annoying Jenny by interrupting her every minute or so to show her another ‘Thingie’ or ‘Kiyarakuta’.

If you like the work I’ve posted here, then check out her website for yourself (but make sure you’ve got some time). She also has a blog, Etsy shop, Deviant Art Gallery (or you could even follow her on Twitter). Loads of options!

That’s all for today, but since this was a relatively ‘easy’ post I’ll try and post something a little more substantial in the next day or so. I’m considering a new competition, so get your competition boots on (if you have them).

Thanks for reading,

See you again soon,


Jenny gave me present!

July 25, 2009

Hello you people who read my blog!

I have good news and I may have given it away in the title to be honest. Jenny gave me an awesome present for our 5 year and one month anniversary and I want to show you all what it was.

Check these out!

Aren't they amazing?!

Aren't they amazing?!

It was all so cute!

It was all so cute!

There was all sorts of other beautiful bits with them too.

There was all sorts of other beautiful bits with them too.

They are made by ‘Asking For Trouble’ a.k.a. Marceline Smith who is clearly some sort of genius. They were one of the first things I’d seen on Folksy that I absolutely loved and I showed Jenny immediately. It’s been ages since then and I’d totally forgotten about them mostly.

Then the other day I came downstairs and there was a padded envelope on the mat addressed to Jenny Hurry. This almost never happens (as I’m the one always buying stuff) so I was a bit confused. So it was lovely to find out that it was in fact a prezzie for me. =)

So everyone go and check out the amazingness of Asking For Trouble who’s shop and blog is full of the cutest handmade wonderfulness on the internet! And also Jenny’s blog and shop as she is also fantastic for so many reasons. =)

Anyway, more blogging soon.
Love to you all!