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Google Images Lucky Dip

October 8, 2010

Hi again everyone,

Before you say anything, I do realise it’s been a little while. We had a baby you see and so the blog (and the internet in general) kind of went down on the list of priorities. But now I’m a highly-trained Dad, I feel like it might be time to at the very least start periodically updating my blog again. ‘Hurrah!’ I hear you say! And I understand your excitement. In fact today I’m starting a whole new feature on the blog, so try to contain yourselves.

A bit of a strange story but a few months ago a girl (christals_uk) asked me on Twitter to do her a blog post as she ‘never had the energy’ or something like that. At first I decided to mess around a bit and said that I would and asked her what she’d like it to be about. I came up with a few suggestions, namely ‘ants’, ‘types of door locks’ and ‘different positions that you can put your arms’.


door locks

Door locks.


Then, being the ridiculous gentleman that I am (lord knows why I did this really) I decided that I’d actually e-mail her a blog post. Albeit a really crap blog post that would be totally unusable and useless but I felt like it’d be a fun thing to do for an evening.

This led me to looking up photos of all sorts of crazy stuff, discovering that there’s no such thing as train ‘serial numbers’ (don’t ask) and laughing my ass off.



cute giggling kitten

Like this kitten is.


I had such fun doing it though and found it so amusing that I thought perhaps I could make it regular feature on the blog. Sounds a bit crazy perhaps, but I think it might just work!

So today is the first of many (I think) Google Images Lucky Dip blog posts.

The subject of today’s dip is the one I chose for the lovely Christals_uk when she originally asked me to write her a blog post.

Arm Positions.

So these are the results of the lucky dip:


dance moves arm positions

This was an interesting one.



golf arm positions

It would seem that diagrams are the best source of images of arm positions.



man skipping

He looks quite uncomfortable



arm positions at keyboard

This person has a camera in their face.



using towel to work out

Lord knows what exactly she's doing...



ambidextrous lady

Have you tried this one?



moving your arms to dance

Finally, one more of these for good measure.


And that’s as many as I’m going to do this time. It’s amazing the things you can find on Google Images!

If you’d like to suggest a search term for the next Google Images Lucky Dip please leave your suggestion in the comments below. If it’s good I may just use it.

Love to you all,