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Doodle Schmoodle Day 3!

July 21, 2010

Hi again everyone,

Although I am a day behind – I’m at least keeping up and being consistant so far. If you want an explanation of what exactly this Doodle Schmoodle thingy is all about have a look at Jenny’s first blog post about it as she explains it much better than me!

If you already know (or have just come back from her blog having learnt what all this is) then I’m sure you’re itching to see my entry for day 3 of the Doodle Schmoodle 30 day journal.

hobby tastic illustration

More tomorrow perhaps? I’m excited to see what the next days template is! I’m very much enjoying this.

Thanks to Shantal at Betty’s Place for organising this.

See you all again soon,



Doodle Schmoodle Day 2

July 21, 2010

Hey again everyone,

This is clearly going to be my most regular bit of blogging ever. I always have lots of blog posts in the works and this is true today as it always is. But they are all just going to have to wait as I’ve got some doodles to share!

Today’s (so yesterday’s) theme was ‘My Pirate Self’. There’s been some awesome doodles put up on the Doodle Schmoodle Flickr group and I’ve been very impressed by some of them. Especially ‘It Belongs To Turtle‘ though lord knows how he found the time to make such an unbelievable masterpiece!

Anyway, this is my doodle for today – enjoy!

piracy copyright illustrationSo there you go! Don’t forget Jenny is also taking part in this awesome doodle journal so do check her blog out periodically.

See you again tomorrow perhaps,


Doodle Schmoodle Month – Day 1

July 20, 2010

logo handdrawn

My amazing wife Jenny came across this wonderful month long doodling thing on one of the million blogs she reads. The blog in question is Betty’s Place and so if this goes horribly wrong then she will be the one to blame!

Jenny thought it seemed like a cool idea and I wholeheartedly agreed!

So today I shall be posting day 1 of the Doodle Schmoodle month! Day one was in fact yesterday, but I was having such fun doing my doodle I spent most of the night doing my first doodle. The time spent on these doodles will get progressively less I imagine. In the next few days our first baby will arrive and then doodling will be lower down the list.

For now though I’m in a doodling mood! As I write this I’m also working on day 2! So you may find that I’m a day behind for most of this (if not more!), depending on whether I maintain a reasonable level of quality.

Anyway, if you want to see everyone’s month (lots of people are doing this) then head over to the Doodle Schmoodle Flickr group and take a look. Jenny’s doing this on her blog too (she explains it very well too) and she’s especially awesome so go see hers. For now though – here’s my first doodle of the month (click to see it bigger):

me me me illustration doodle

Anyway, that’s it for today.

See you again tomorrow I guess!


Artist Interview

November 30, 2009

Hey everyone!

That’s right, it’s another blog post! Who woulda thunkit?! Today I will be sharing with you my first interview with another artist who I think is amazing. Depending on my mood, I may do more of these sporadically. For now though, enjoy. =)

I recently came across this artist a month or so ago via a bit of a chain. Someone tweeted an article about hand drawn websites and her’s was one of two absolutely beautiful one’s that really blew me away. She makes some absolutely beautiful pieces and I wanted to share her work with you. I got in touch with her a few weeks back and she agreed to answer some questions. So I present to you, Mel Kadel:

What first inspired you to do art?
I don’t think of what inspired me to start doing art, but just that I
kept doing it. I think all kids make art, but at some point or some age many of us stop drawing. I felt a great deal of challenge with drawing and felt a sense of accomplishment when something worked, so i kept on doing it.

How long have you been doing it?
High School is when I began to become very focussed on it. I had a really influential art teacher. She was unlike any other teacher or adult I had ever met. She would talk to us, tell stories, challenge us, and really expected
a lot out of us. I’d walk into her room and feel inspired, unlike some other classrooms I’d walk into at that age.

What is your workspace like?
I would say it’s pretty organized. I like to keep a clean desk, and just have the inks and pens around me. It’s a room attached to our kitchen. My boyfriend Travis Millard works in the room next to me. He’s an artist too, so we spend a lot of time looking over each other’s shoulders and giving feedback. It’s a small place, but we just fill it with desks and make it work.

What’s the most challenging art-related thing you’ve ever done?
I think talking about my work in front of an audience is probably the
most difficult. Although it’s only happened a couple of times, my stomach still sinks with the thought of it. Even if there is a lot of clarity about it in my mind, talking about it can be tough.

What’s the most exciting art-related thing that’s ever happened to you?
Selling work to people that aren’t collectors. In particular, I remember this retired school teacher who bought a piece a few years ago. She told me that she had never bought a piece of art in her whole life. That made me feel so so good, because she didn’t add up the value of the work within the art world, but got it because she loved it and it made sense to her. That, and Ian MacKaye came to a show that Travis and I had together.

Who are any other artists who you admire?
Travis Millard, Swoon, Raymond Pettibon, Aurel Schmidt, Allison Schulnik, Cy Twombly, and so many more. These are just the first few names to pop in my head.

If you were an animal, what animal what you be?
A squirrel

What do you do when you’re not doing your art?
Build fires, sweep the porch, cook, walk, look for my cat, look for sticks to build the fires, make coffee, stain paper, and stuff like that.

Are there any blogs or websites you’d recommend people check out?
Here are a few sites I enjoy:

and finally,

What’s your favourite sound, sight and smell?

Rain, Water, Basil.


I must say she is very cool indeed and I’d highly recommend having a look through the drawings on her site. They are all amazingly beautiful and dramatic as you’ve seen in the few I’ve featured in this post, but there’s many more. She is based in the U.S.A so you won’t be seeing her at any UK craft fairs or anything, but you can buy various works by her in many places online. There’s loads on her ‘News‘ page on her site, like this and this.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, stay tuned for all kinds of other awesome.

Good day,

Joe x

Designing my own buttons

October 24, 2009

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided I should design my own buttons for my side bar, so that my blog can be even more personalised. =D So I got to work drawing some ideas a few days ago and I came up with some good ones I think. You might have already noticed, but if you haven’t then take a look over to the right hand side of this text and you will see my wonderful new buttons or whatever it is people call them.

I personally think they look great and I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out. I was going to do a poll (me and my polls =P) to help pick which ones I should use from the ideas I had. Instead of that though, I just went ahead and chose them myself (I couldn’t wait for you all to vote before I put them up!) and got them onto my side bar the first chance I got.

I started off drawing lots by hand on an A4 sheet of paper.

They started off quite rough...

They started off quite rough...

I then scanned that in and got it into photoshop to cut them out and size them correctly. I downloaded one of the Folksy buttons (that they offer on their site) to get an idea of size, made it a bit bigger (as the drawings could barely be seen so small) and then got to work tidying them up.

I already had favourites and Jenny helped me make the final decisions. You can see what I chose at the side (note that the computer in the folksy button actually has a screenshot of the folksy front page on the screen).

Here are the others that didn’t make the cut, and feel free to let me know if you disagree with my final choices.

This was my second favourite Twitter button

This was my second favourite Twitter button

I didn't want to suggest that I'd be afraid of you if you followed me so this was out of the question.

I didn't want to suggest that I'd be afraid of you if you followed me so this was out of the question.

This was my original idea for this button, but the other seemed funnier.

This was my original idea for this button, but the other seemed funnier.

The way that I got my own pictures to work as buttons is by firstly uploading the images (as .png files) to my webspace. Then I just changed the image links in the html for the buttons I already had on my sidebar, and otherwise kept it mostly the same. It was really much easier than I was expecting! (if that was all jibberish, get in touch and I’ll try and explain more clearly)

Anyway, that’s all for today kids. Thanks very much for reading and I do hope you are all well.

Love to you all,


When a drawing becomes a proper art piece.

October 12, 2009

A long while ago, when I was in a job that gave me a lot of time to draw, I did a few full page drawings that, at the time, I was considering as ‘Art Pieces’. Obviously they were just black and white drawings, done with a black biro (no fancy pens back then) and although they were elaborate they were nothing anyone would pay much (if any) money for (this is what I assume, at least).

I had mentioned that I’d love to see one of them as a proper art piece a few times over the years that Jenny (the love of my life, who is now my wife) and I had been together but never expected us to have time to actually do it. But then, a little less long ago, perhaps a year or so, one of these ‘pieces’ was given to me for Christmas from Jenny.  But with a few significant differences! She had made it a proper art piece. =)

Here’s the original:

It's pretty rough, but I loved the concept.

It's pretty rough, but I loved the concept.

Jenny had very much improved on my efforts. This new version of my art piece was mixed media, incorporating bits of a broken mirror and such like! It was in full colour and much neater but in all other respects was exactly as I had originally conceived it! What wonderfulness was this!? What an insanely brilliant gift, and I had no idea it was coming. She had managed to do it entirely in secret, while I was at work. I never saw an unexplained splat of paint or anything.  What a great surprise it was. Here you go, have a look:

Not the greatest photo. But alas...

Not the greatest photo. But alas...

It now hangs proudly in our kitchen, for all and anyone to see (anyone who comes round at least).

It seems quite happy on the wall here.

It seems quite happy on the wall here.

I just thought I should share it with more people y’know? As I now have a blog it seemed an all to obvious way of doing so. I hope you enjoyed it. =)

That’s it for today, hope your all well.

Much love to you all,


Other tattoo ideas

October 8, 2009

I have a big list compiled of all the different tattoos that I plan on getting. The leg tattoo I got on my leg was just one of two David Shrigley tattoos I’m going to get, but the second one I still need to decide on.

I have narrowed the choices down and below are the various options that remain. To be honest I’m pretty much decided on one already, but it’s a good excuse to share some of David’s genius. These are from various books of his, all of which are just amazing. Check out his website and here’s an animation of his.

Have a look and let me know you’re thoughts.

The first choice

The first choice

I really love this drawing

I really love this drawing

I think this is the one I'd like permanently on my body...

I think this is the one I'd like permanently on my body...(and that's my thumb!)

I love this. Makes me want 3 (but that's just crazy)

I love this. Makes me want 3 (but that's just crazy)

This is hilarious but has a bit of a negative vibe so I don't think it'd fit with my overall positive asthetic.

This is hilarious but has a bit of a negative vibe so I don't think it'd fit with my overall positive asthetic.

So there you have them. I spent a few hours going through the 5 books of his that I own, putting little tabs of paper nest to drawings that I love and would be good for tattoos. Then I had to narrow them down in a big way as there’s so many I love.

As I said in the writing under the picture, the one I’m leaning towards right now is the rare star. Maybe in a few years I’ll get another Shrigley tattoo, but for now two should definitely be the limit. After that I’m getting one of my drawings tattooed onto me and I have many other ideas. I’ll post about them in the next few weeks.

Let me know what you think of these drawings and which one you think I should get tattooed onto me. It’s ok, I won’t listen to any of you. =D

Speak to you soon,

Nice seeing you,


I joined twitter and forgot to tell anyone!

September 27, 2009
He loves it.

He loves it.

This post is really self explanatory, the title says it all to be honest! You may even have already figured this out if you’ve been to this blog recently as I’ve added a lovely little widget on the right –> that shows you my most recent ‘tweets’ (I believe that’s what you call them…)

I think you should all go and start following me. I promise that I will keep it interesting and will never ‘tweet’ anything pointless. It’ll keep you updated on new blog posts, beautiful or amazing videos I come across, quotes and interesting thoughts (can you make bread from seaweed?) – all sorts of stuff.

I’ll make it worth your while, don’t you worry! =D

So far it’s just close friends and complete strangers following me, so I’d like some loose aquantainces please!

See you in the trees (<— here I’m playing on the title of ‘twitter’ and the fact that tradtionally birds are the ones who twitter and they live in trees. You see? It’s very amusing once it’s explained. =p)

Good day!

David Shrigley and a tattoo

September 2, 2009

Hello again all you lovely people who read my blog. It’s very nice to see you. I do hope you’re feeling well.

This weekend I went to Sussex where my wife and I are originally from. It was generally a pretty relaxed weekend, but we did get up to some quite interesting stuff. Which brings me to the topic of this post!

I have 2 new tattoos! And so does Jenny! You see, Jenny’s sister is friends with a awesome girl called Tori and she is an amazing artist who has recently realised that she is destined to be a tattooist. Currently she is offering anyone willing to be tattooed upon free tattoos (although you pay for the ink and such). This offer is hard to refuse and it got us thinking of all the different ideas for tattoos that we’d love but didn’t think we could ever afford.

I had a lot of ideas and Jenny, being more focussed and just smarter had two great ideas and left it at that. Check out her blog to see what she had done (they are amazing so I would if I were you).  One of the tattoos I got was Jenny’s idea, and it was one we both got:

Simple but awesome

Simple but awesome

It’s based on the fact that the resonant frequency of love is 528hz, an idea explorered by a very interesting researcher called Dr. Len Horowitz. Find out more here if you like. Anyway, basically Jenny’s tattoo is in my handwriting and my tattoo is in her’s. We both loved that idea (for which credit goes to Tori) and it’s made the tattoos even cooler than they would’ve been.

I also got a tattoo of a drawing by David Shrigley. David is the artist that first inspired me to draw and lord knows what I’d be doing with myself had I never come across his book at the Tate Modern totally at random. He has many books filled with hilarious drawings and I recommend any one of them without hesitation. A good introduction to him is his wonderful animation ‘Who I Am and What I Want‘. Here is the tattoo I chose (it’s just above my right knee):



It was an extremely painful area to be tattooed and you can see how sore it looks in the photos. But it’s looking much better now and I love it. =D

And so that was the most eventful part of my weekend and quite eventful it was I think you’ll agree…

Stay tuned for other interestingness in the coming days (perhaps)!

Good Day,



August 19, 2009

Hello again!

So I’ve mentioned in previous posts my intention to do a poll to allow you all to rate my new cat-themed drawings and tell me what you think . On the same sheets as the cat drawings there were a couple of drawings that are old ideas that I’ve re-drawn to (hopefully) a higher degree of quality/clarity.

So as an exciting pre-cursor (and time filler) before the cat poll, I thought I’d share the old and new versions of these two drawings. The first is titled ‘Finger Painting’ and the second is titled ‘Boxing’.

You can see why I re-drew this...

You can see why I re-drew this...

This is the old version of Finger Painting, I’ve never been a huge fan and so I decided to do something about it. This the re-drawing:

Much clearer and neater, right?

Much clearer and neater, right?

I decided it should be closer up and neater. People don’t look for very long at anything in this crazy rushed society we’re living in so I think in that regard this should help. Also, now people with bad eyesight and that sort of thing should be able to see it a little easier.

So next is ‘Boxing’. Here is the original version:



Ok so, nice concept but poorly carried out. The people are far too small when they’re kind of the punchline (see what I did there?). So I have hopefully made this a bit clearer too. Here is the re-drawing:

I think this is an improvement...

I think this is an improvement...

So yeah, I’m pretty sure that this is clearer and a better representation of the original concept. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions or even critisisms as any and all of those would be helpful and very welcome.

Have a lovely day,

Death to the supermarkets!