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Doodle Schmoodle Month – Day 1

July 20, 2010

logo handdrawn

My amazing wife Jenny came across this wonderful month long doodling thing on one of the million blogs she reads. The blog in question is Betty’s Place and so if this goes horribly wrong then she will be the one to blame!

Jenny thought it seemed like a cool idea and I wholeheartedly agreed!

So today I shall be posting day 1 of the Doodle Schmoodle month! Day one was in fact yesterday, but I was having such fun doing my doodle I spent most of the night doing my first doodle. The time spent on these doodles will get progressively less I imagine. In the next few days our first baby will arrive and then doodling will be lower down the list.

For now though I’m in a doodling mood! As I write this I’m also working on day 2! So you may find that I’m a day behind for most of this (if not more!), depending on whether I maintain a reasonable level of quality.

Anyway, if you want to see everyone’s month (lots of people are doing this) then head over to the Doodle Schmoodle Flickr group and take a look. Jenny’s doing this on her blog too (she explains it very well too) and she’s especially awesome so go see hers. For now though – here’s my first doodle of the month (click to see it bigger):

me me me illustration doodle

Anyway, that’s it for today.

See you again tomorrow I guess!