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Doodle Schmoodle Day 2

July 21, 2010

Hey again everyone,

This is clearly going to be my most regular bit of blogging ever. I always have lots of blog posts in the works and this is true today as it always is. But they are all just going to have to wait as I’ve got some doodles to share!

Today’s (so yesterday’s) theme was ‘My Pirate Self’. There’s been some awesome doodles put up on the Doodle Schmoodle Flickr group and I’ve been very impressed by some of them. Especially ‘It Belongs To Turtle‘ though lord knows how he found the time to make such an unbelievable masterpiece!

Anyway, this is my doodle for today – enjoy!

piracy copyright illustrationSo there you go! Don’t forget Jenny is also taking part in this awesome doodle journal so do check her blog out periodically.

See you again tomorrow perhaps,